Penny Auction Reviews

Read editorial and user-submitted reviews of penny auctions including Quibids, DealDash, Beezid, Zbiddy, HappyBidDay and more. As our blog continues to grow, we’ll add additional penny auction blogs to this list of the top penny auctions.

Current Penny Auction Ratings

Rank Auction Review Highlights

#1 Review Great for beginners, free bids, fair competition, good product selection Try It

#2 Review Fun site, easy to use, medium competition, lots of contests Try It

#3 Review Up-and-coming auction, medium competition, okay product selection Try It

Penny Auction Overview

Penny auctions, also known as bid or 1-cent auctions, are a form of auction where bidders are required to both pay-to-participate and pay for any items won in auctions. For the most part, the fee to participate is based on a per-bid pricing model. For example, a user may elect to purchase 100 bids, giving them the ability to place a total of 100 individual bids on either one or many auctions. Once an auction is won, the winner typically pays the final auction closing price.

Penny auctions are different from other auctions such as eBay in a couple key ways:

  1. Penny auctions require payment for participation, whether or not the auction is won
  2. Penny auctions usually have no reserves (items can sell for any price)

The penny auction format really became popular beginning in 2010 and have showed so no signs of slowing down. The major online penny auction websites include Quibids, DealDash, HappyBidDay and a few others. Of course, there are another 10 or so USA-based penny auctions which are much smaller.

Penny Auctions 101

Penny auctions can be tricky – but they’re actually pretty simple once you understand what you’re doing. The important thing to remember is that just because something is simple, doesn’t mean it’s gonna be easy. Here’s a little Penny Auction 101 from some peeps who’ve been around the penny auction block for a few years now.

Here are our maxims for making the most of every penny auction.

  • Penny auctions are pay to play – never forget this. EACH BID COSTS YOU MONEY.
  • Budgets are your best friend.
  • Steer clear of the aggressive newbie.  They’ll run your auction prices high and patience low.
  • Read, read, read. Reliable penny auctions will always disclose the information you need to know to be successful. Shady ones never will. You’ll only know the difference by actually reading the fine print.
  • Study the competition. No really – STUDY. Spreadsheets, notes, however you like to keep track, do it. For best results, study for at least 2 days before bidding on any site. This will tell you who’s who, who’s good, and who to stay far away from.
  • Bid for free whenever you can.
  • Bid for cheap whenever you can. Buy discount bid packs, scoop up bid pack auctions. Every bid that’s not full price further discounts your wins.
  • Never bid emotionally.
  • Play to win, but always be willing to pay retail. This prevents bidder’s remorse.
  • Bidder’s remorse sucks.
  • Penny auctions are pay to play – never forget this. EACH BID COSTS YOU MONEY.

Penny Auction Reputation

The penny auction industry has a fairly poor reputation. A combination of industry ‘bad apples’ and aggressive marketing tactics have left the industry with a scarred reputation. It’s the goald of this website to help penny auction enthusiasts navigate these murky waters. Our penny auction reviews offer editorial and user-submitted feedback on some of the most popular penny auctions websites. We look at details which include BBB ratings, website features, auction types and costs, competition and much more.

Of course, we rely on other penny auction bidders to provide feedback so please feel free to contribute comments for any penny auctions which you’ve participated on.